Physical manipulation and massage



Dr. Babette incorporates massage and physical manipulation and massage therapies to treat a number of conditions and to help maintain optimal health. The methods are complementary, and can work in tandem both to correct existing health problems, and prevent future problems from developing.

In manipulative technique the veterinarian makes small physical adjustments to the spinal column and other joints to achieve optimal joint alignment. This reduces pain and increases range of motion, and often helps to improve a number of other health conditions. Though musculoskeletal problems are at the top of the list, adjustments can improve general organ health, leading to healthier cardiovascular, respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. But why is this the case?

Your pet’s nervous system directly affects health. And the spinal column is the gatekeeper of the nervous system. The nerves emerging from the vertebrae either influence or directly regulate organs throughout the body. Even small misalignments of the spine’s vertebrae, called subluxations, can increase pressure on these nerves and affect them, with negative consequences for your pet’s health.

Those small manual adjustments to the spine that veterinarians make can correct subluxations, restoring proper function to the nervous system, and improving your pet’s health. Using these techniques a skilled veterinarian can target very specific parts of the body that need help, so manipulation therapy is an excellent treatment option for many health issues found in dogs. Here are just a few:

  • Digestive disorders
  • Repetitive use injuries
  • Abnormal weight bearing
  • Altered gait
  • Misaligned joints
  • Forelimb lameness
  • Subluxations (partial dislocation of a joint)
  • Stiffness
  • Vertebral column injuries (jaw and neck injuries)
  • Vertical column injuries (back injuries)
  • Osteoarthritis relief


Massage is a wonderful addition to your pet’s treatment plan, and works well alone, or coupled with manipulative physical treatments. The release of muscular stress and tension has a number of health benefits, including faster recovery from injuries, improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.

While manipulative techniques focus on the joints, massage techniques focus on the body’s soft tissues. Therapeutic pressure is applied externally, typically by rubbing, kneading and tapping with the hands, or specially designed instruments. Massage is great for both humans and pets, offering a surprising number of health benefits:

  • Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Improved circulation
  • Relief of muscle pain and spasms
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Reduction in swelling and scarring
  • Increasing range of motion
  • Increasing sense of well-being

Dr. Gladstein will assess your pet’s condition and needs to determine whether physical manipulation, massage, or a combination of both therapies combined with acupressure, is a good fit.