Case Studies

Case Studies

  • Case Studies | Dr. Babette Traditional & Holistic Veterinary Care - In Your Own Home
  • Case Studies | Dr. Babette Traditional & Holistic Veterinary Care - In Your Own Home
  • Case Studies | Dr. Babette Traditional & Holistic Veterinary Care - In Your Own Home


Osiris had a left partial ACL tear, bilateral hip dysplasia, and some elbow dysplasia. He
wasn’t using his left hind leg other than as a peg, and had a heavy limp on the right front
of his body. His joints were painful when palpated during his exam, and his lower back as

Osiris received dietary and nutritional therapy, included EFA supplementation (Omega 3 fatty
acids), and weekly Adequan injections. He received five Prolotherapy sessions for his knees,
hips, and elbows. By the third session, his gait was back to normal and all feet were
properly bearing weight and placed firmly on the ground. On the sixth session, we included
ACell1 treatment.

Within 10 days after those injections, Osiris was no longer painful on palpation of hips,
knees, or elbows. After 5 months he’s gradually improved and no additional Prolotherapy was
needed. He regained normal mobility and gate. His limping has completely resolved and he is
walking, running, and playing like a normal dog. His pain level has dissipated, without the
use of drugs. Osiris could not stand up on his own prior to his treatments and he
returned to function.

Case Studies | Dr. Babette Traditional & Holistic Veterinary Care - In Your Own Home

Our pets deserve to be pain-free.

Klyde is a 13-year-old golden retriever with severe arthritis. For six months, he was
treated with acupuncture, ultrasound, manual manipulation, stretching, massage, and
with a natural inflammatory drug.

He was happy and healthy, exhibited a good range of motion, and required minimal drug
usage, he lived till the age of 15.

Case Studies | Dr. Babette Traditional & Holistic Veterinary Care - In Your Own Home
Moritz, 5-year-old Mini Dachshund

Moritz benefitted greatly from physical therapy and alternative treatments. Following spinal
surgery to correct a ruptured disc Moritz presented with total paralysis of his hind legs.
Ten days later he began physical therapy. The treatments included: acupuncture, external
electrical muscle stimulation, exercise using bicycles, therapeutic ultrasound, massage and

Moritz started walking less than 2 weeks after physical therapy began. He began walking on
his own 8 weeks after surgery, and he walked with only a slight abnormality after 12 weeks.

Case Studies | Dr. Babette Traditional & Holistic Veterinary Care - In Your Own Home

My association with Dr. Babette Gladstein began on June 29, 2011. I awoke to find my
service dog of 13 years 10 months (age 14 years 3 months) unable to stand and walk.
Needless to say, I was in shock. I was afraid my regular vet was going to tell me, “It
is time.” I was definitely not ready for that, given “Brockolee & Cheese’s” (“Brock’s”)
sudden decline. A neighbor referred me to the American Holistic Veterinary Medical
Association (AHVMA) where I found 4 vets listed that met my criteria.
I could not get passed one vet’s secretaries. They were only concerned that a
pay a preliminary fee prior to service and that I fill out paperwork. A decision whether
Brock met their requirements for treatment would be made in two weeks or more. Despite
my telling the vet’s staff that Brock was an extremely loyal, dedicated, and talented
service dog (and my closest companion), not to mention, I walk with crutches and have
mobility issues due to cerebral palsy and live alone, the staff could not see scheduling
an emergency appointment, or even allow me the courtesy of speaking with the doctor. The
second vet did not have time in their schedule, nor did they feel it was just to squeeze
me in or bump a client. The second vet could see me,if memory serves me correct, in a
week and a half. The third veterinarian was Dr. Gladstein. She called back after I left
a stressful message. Dr. Gladstein told me, “Don’t panic. It’s not over yet. Try to
relax, so Brock won’t be even more stressed. Try to toilet him. Get help if you need to.
Use a belt or towel to help you. I don’t have time this afternoon, but I will see you at
10:30 or 11 p.m., if you are o.k. with that?” You bet I was! The fourth called back two
weeks later, upon their return from vacation.

Dr. Gladstein returned four nights later; the Fourth of July at 10:30-11 p.m. for a
follow up treatment of physical therapy, acupuncture, electrical stimulation,and laser
therapy. Both appointments, the Doctor stayed several hours. I continued monthly and
eventually, bimonthly visits with her when it became necessary. When the time was right
we did stem cell and prolotherapy.

I found Dr. Gladstein to be dedicated, compassionate, but direct and blunt. Sometimes
the unadulterated truths are hard to hear. I credit Dr. Gladstein with helping me give
Brock an additional year and eight months of quality life. Only the last month things
were becoming more difficult. Brock passed at home, naturally, six days shy of his
sixteenth birthday.

Dr. Gladstein is a very fine vet who puts the animal’s needs
before that of the owner’s or their feelings. This is what I learned:

-Marc Jeffrey Grobman