Case Studies 2

Case Studies 2

  • Case Studies 2
  • Case Studies 2


… I wouldn’t have Satchmo, the therapy dog!!! The phone rang… It was after my two
big dogs, Not, a rescue Greyhound from the track, and Mozart, a Weimaraner Shar-Pei mix,
both passed away at 15 years old.

The phone rang and it was Dr. Babette Gladstein who was volunteering that Sunday at the Humane Society of New York. She knew I was looking to rescue another dog. She said come over right away because there is a wonderful black Pomeranian here at the shelter with a broken leg.

I have always been a big dog person and wasn’t sure about a small dog because they can sometimes be a little yappy. She said This dog is amazing with a great temperament. She said, I have been pulling and prodding his broken leg and not a peep has come out of him.

My spousal equivalent, Robert, and I immediately went to the Humane Society. Seeing this adorable black Pomeranian on the table who was about two and a half pounds and 7 months old, who could resist!! He immediately wrapped his paws around our hearts.

We could not take him home right away because Dr. Babette was treating him with injections
of pig stem cells. He needed to stay immobile with a removable cast for a month. She is
always doing continuing education to be proficient in the newest and innovative treatments
for animals. Now named Satchmo, his leg is totally healed and he runs and plays and jumps
with no restrictions.

I immediately realized that he was dog-neutral and people-friendly. I have always volunteered for shelters but now realized I had the opportunity to bond with my new dog Satchmo and train to become a therapy dog team with the Pet Partners organization.

We have been volunteering for the last 4 years with several organizations; Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital in their Caring Canine Program and A Fair Shake For Youth, an organization, of which I am now on the Board, that works with underserved kids in the poorest neighborhoods of New York to build greater empathy, self-esteem and reduce bullying.

Flashback, our relationship with Dr. Babette Gladstein started when I moved to New York
approximately 18 plus years ago. As mentioned earlier, I had my rescued Greyhound and
rescued Weimaraner Shar-Pei mix and needed to find a vet.

I was looking for a doctor that did acupuncture for my greyhound as at the time I was still traveling back to Philadelphia on a regular basis to receive acupuncture for my greyhound.

I found Dr. Babette Gladstein is a published pet guide. This was life-changing for my dog and me. It relieved the stress of the two-and-a-half-hour drive for me and also for my greyhound who would be nervous in a car, to begin with.

Dr. Gladstein would come to the home, which totally eliminated the stress of travel for my dog. While treating my greyhound, I asked Dr. Gladstein to examine my other dog. We had been going to other vets for a few years with no resolution of a stomach issue that he had.

Dr. Gladstein did a full workup and identified that he had irritable bowel syndrome that had
gone undetected by other veterinarians and that had lead to a tumor. She started a regimen
of acupuncture, change of diet, alternative herbs and we saw positive results very, very

He lived happily for another 2 1/2 years. When it was time to let him go at the age
of 15 Dr. Gladstein came to my home and compassionately did the euthanasia.

Both my greyhound and my Weimaraner Shar-Pei mix benefited greatly from Dr. Gladstein’s expertise in both traditional and holistic medicine. My greyhound had difficulty walking
after racing in this barbaric industry, and acupuncture and laser helped her tremendously.

Both my dogs lived to be 15 years old with the great care of Dr. Gladstein. I have been a supporter and ambassador of Dr. Gladstein for 13+ years and have recommended her because of her excellent care and response to animal’s needs on numerous occasions to
friends, neighbors, and acquaintances.

Our pets are part of our family and we know whenever they need veterinary care, Dr.
Gladstein is a phone call away!

Case Studies 2

My 15 yr old dachshund Dolly was completely paralyzed. Her hind legs were not functioning at
all. She was flopping around like a seal, peeing and soiling herself. I took her to several
vets including a high-end, chain, highly rated, very expensive vet hospital. They
recommended putting her down because they said she was too old for surgery. They gave me
some drugs which caused my dog to have a vestibular incident. She was actually worse after
seeing these vets! I was at my wit’s end.

A friend who had been using Dr. Gladstein on her then 20 yr. old dog recommended I try her.
Dr. Gladstein did physical therapy including electric stimulation, laser, ultrasound and
acupuncture. She taught me exercises to do with my dog at home and with the use an Assisi
apparatus and an inexpensive hand-held tens machine my dog was walking in two weeks!! I’m
also using her nutritional products and my dog not only loves them, she is thriving on them.
It’s been over 2 years now. My dog’s health is so good that I took her to France with me on
the plane. My dog was able to enjoy walks over there and I was able to have her with me
instead of leaving her at home. Her coat is shiny, her energy is great, and her bowels are
in excellent shape. I do a monthly physical maintenance session with Dr. Gladstein to keep
her back in shape since she has a long back. We have had no recurrence.

I highly recommend Dr. Gladstein. I am extremely happy with my dog’s health. My dog is now
17 yrs old and in great shape.

-Olga Merediz

Coton de Tulear Jack

Our Coton de Tulear Jack was 10 years old when he tore his ACL. He could not put any weight on his rear right leg and consequently, could hardly walk and was in terrible pain. I took him to our Vet who said he needed surgery and would most likely need surgery on his other knee within a year.

I thought there had to be a better way. This is when I was lucky enough to find Dr. Babette Gladstein. She came to see Jack immediately and told me she could cure him without surgery.

It would take several months of treatments with Laser, Ultrasound, and Prolo Therapy. He would also have to wear a brace, on his leg, during the treatment time.

To make a long story short – Jack is totally cured! He’s about to turn 12 and runs like he
did when he was a puppy. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Gladstein.

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