Giving Back to Animals

Holistic veterinarian Babette Gladstein, abandoned a lucrative career as a stockbroker to enter vet school and devote her live to animals. Today Dr. Gladstein makes house calls throughout the Nev York area and serves on the fundraising committee for the ASPCA's annual Bergh Ball, scheduled for May 10 this sear."It nurtures the soul to heal animals and see their progress", she says. "It's so much better than money."

Q. What animals do you treat?
A. Dogs, cats, horses. I specialize in rehabilitation medicine, helping injured and older animals that are lame or in pain, and often labeled "hopeless." One 3-year-old miniature dachshund named Emma was totally paralyzed in her hindquarters after having back surgery for an injured disk. A year later, she is running and playing.
Q. Which therapies do you use?
A. Acupuncture, ultrasound, chiropractic, massage, swim therapy—everything that a human physical therapist would offer. I also serve as a "patient advocate," helping to guide animals through surgery and other challenges.
Q. How does the ASPCA help?
A. With its beautiful new cage-free shelter, the ASPCA is in a pivotal position to up the ante in adoptions and education. Animals give us so much. A cat or dog lowers blood pressure, and offers companionship for seniors; walking a dog provides cardiovascular benefits. The least we can do is take care of them.