Case Studies


When I adopted Pulpito in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, he could not stand on his hind legs. He had been found on the street likely having been hit by a vehicle. He was about six months old and weighed 9 pounds. I took a chance adopting him, but the fact that he had an appetite gave me hope. When I got back to New York, I contacted Dr. Gladstein, whom I had met in New York before my departure for Mexico, knowing of her excellent reputation as a general veterinarian, as well as her specialty in orthopedic issues. The vet in Mexico had said he had a broken hip but I knew it was more than that. In fact, he had a crushed hip and knee on the right rear, and broken bones in his left rear leg too. His right rear leg was almost atrophied. Dr. Gladstein ordered Xrays and we discovered that his damage was quite extensive. While we consulted a surgeon, Dr. Gladstein recommended alternative therapies which turned out to be the much better decision - much more effective, less invasive and, of course, much less expensive. With laser therapy, A-cell therapy, electric stim, the right supplements (including those especially prepared by Dr. Gladstein), and proper food Pulpito has made a great recovery. You would never know this was the same dog I brought home months before. He weighs a healthy 15 pounds, runs, jumps, loves playing with other dogs, lifts both legs to do his business, and has a lot of energy. Thank you, Dr. Gladstein, for returning this wonderful pet to health. I feel very lucky to have him under your care.

-Janet H.

German shepherd

Franz is a competitive canine athlete training for Schutzhund (protection dog) events. He to ACL in September, 2014. His owner wanted an alternative to traditional therapy, so after evaluation, Franz received a total of four prolotherapy treatments, directly followed by stem ce injections and PRP (Protein Rich Platelets) treatments. Franz did not exhibit visible discomfort

during these treatments, and he quickly began to improve. His gate became very fluid and his strength significantly increased. Following the completion of the combination treatment regirru Franz experienced complete healing of the ACL tear, and increased strength and endurance. Fr is now back to training and competing in Schutzhund events.